China’s New Coal Boom: ‘Growing Panic’ About Green Energy Policies

China would need all that coal, to provide all that power, to manufacture all those windmills and solar panels that the eco-brainwashed West is purchasing.

Costing the West literally trillions of dollars (of other people’s money) to provide diluted, weather dependent, intermittent and costly power – causing statewide blackouts (SA), destroying their economies, sending jobs back to China with all that coal (that the West successfully demonised) to be burnt elsewhere in a less environmentally friendly way! Insane irony’s everywhere.

Smart China. Stupid, virtue-signalling, climate-obsessed West!


By Paul Homewood


From GWPF:

In the fourth meeting with coal mining executives this month, the National Development and Reform Commission (NDRC) called on 74 major miners to increase output, unleashing another 15 million tonnes of new supply each month onto the market, two people who were briefed on the gathering said.

The latest change doubles the output increases the government has approved in recent days to 30 million tonnes, equivalent to 1-1/2 times China’s average monthly imports of coal this year.

Last Friday, the government partially reversed sweeping capacity cuts enforced earlier this year. Those reductions in production capacity triggered a frenzied price rally and depleted domestic stockpiles this year.

“The amount is raised again as the increase was not enough to catch up with the demand from the power generators,” said Zhang Min, a coal analyst with the Sublime China Information Group and one of the sources…

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