CO2 and Climate Change For the Ages

The inconvenient truth about – colourless, odourless, plant food, life supporting, and essential trace gas CO2 – brilliantly communicated by Dr Guy LeBlanc Smith, former Principal Research Scientist at the now ‘warmist’ CSIRO.

“I am a concerned professional research scientist with over 30 years experience, latter part with CSIRO as a Principal Research Scientist. *As my funding no longer depends on politicians, I am free to make my information and conclusions public*.

The real world evidence such as revealed in the ice cores suggests that the Carbon Pollution Reduction Scheme is built on fraud.”

Excellent read via Ron Clutz’s ‘Science Matters’…

Science Matters

An Historical, not Hysterical Perspective

Much of the hysteria over atmospheric CO2 arises from dismissing the past, and thus losing the context for interpreting the present.  Recently, one scientist suggested that climate researchers should be schooled in geology before commenting on climate change.  Instead of that, of course, most of them are based in environmentalism.  So as a public service this post presents some excellent and time-tested evidence produced by Dr Guy LeBlanc Smith.  h/t Jeff Hayes

This graph, compiled by Ex-CSIRO scientist Dr Guy LeBlanc Smith PhD, AIG, AAPG, from data obtained from deep core drilling on the Greenland Ice Sheet, shows that all life on earth now, including polar bears, coral reefs and humans, have survived massive sea level changes and rapid and dramatic changes in earth’s temperature. There were no coal fired power stations and no gas guzzling cars to cause these changes then, and the same natural forces will change the future. Humans will…

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3 Comments on “CO2 and Climate Change For the Ages”

  1. Jeff Hayes says:

    Here’s the chart I wrote Dr. LeBlanc Smith about:

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  2. John Ward says:

    The only climate ‘expert’ I know is a geographer/geologist/climber. He thinks CO2 is irrelevant. I remain open minded about the entire Cimate Change subject because it is far too complex and muli-factored for any single brain to take in. And ANY reference found online are subject to the now widespread and brazen manipulation of paid intermediaries:


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