Unbearable Wind Turbine Noise: Irish Court Shuts Down Wind Farm at Night


Court order stops noisy wind turbine
Press Release
Mullavilly and Whitesides Hill Residents
6 September 2016

A giant wind turbine in Mullavilly, County Armagh – which operated 24/7 – is now in use during working hours only, following a Court Order served after an appeal against a Noise Abatement Notice was dismissed. An out of Court settlement was agreed between village based company Rapid International and Armagh, Banbridge and Craigavon Council.

The Noise Abatement Notice – dating back to October 2014 – was issued after residents living close by complained that the turbine was creating what they termed “unacceptable noise”. With noise measurements conducted over several years the Council confirmed that there was too much noise.

The Council and Rapid International agreed that the turbine should operate from 8am to 5pm only and, in addition, should be stopped during Bank and Public Holidays, five working days at Easter, a fortnight…

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