UK Losing Patients: Hospitals Face Power Cuts When Wind Power Output Drops

Literally, cannot make this stuff up!


Neonatal_ICU It’s called ‘demand management’.


In a ‘you couldn’t make it up if you tried’ moment, Britain is demanding that hospitals turn off their lights and air-conditioners and turn on their emergency diesel generators to pump power back into the grid, every time British breezes turn to zephyrs.

The wind industry, its parasites and spruikers call it “demand management”.

For beleaguered Brits it’s a case of how long will their patients last?

National Grid recruits NHS hospitals to help keep the lights on
The Telegraph
Emily Godsen
19 June 2016

National Grid is recruiting cash-strapped NHS hospitals to fire up their emergency generators and turn down their air conditioning systems when power supplies are scarce.

The company, which is responsible for balancing UK supply and demand, wants to make more use of “demand side response” schemes, in which energy users are paid to temporarily reduce the amount of power they…

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