Fifteen Years On I Wonder What The Falling Man Would Think

Wow. A powerful must read.

15 years on from 9/11 and we live in a far more dangerous world at the hands of “Islamofascists”, thanks to the almost wilful ceding of power and control by the dangerously weak Obama and his politically correct administration.

A deplorable legacy Obama has left the world and a tragic blight on the thousands who died at the hands of Islamic terrorists 15 years ago today.

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20120106_salvatoBy Frank Salvato ~

Fifteen years on from the attacks of September 11, 2001, and Osama bin Laden in dead. This serves as a symbolic victory in the war against Islamofascism. But the fact of the matter is we are less safe; more vulnerable to an attack by Islamic jihadists than we were eight years ago. The blame for this must be laid at the feet of the politically correct.

twin-towers-new-york-thumb.jpgWe have withstood eight years of foreign policy that has seen the Middle East turn from volatile region with pockets of jihadist activity to a centralized location for Islamofascist tyranny. Sharia Law has been invoked, in many places at the tip of the sword. Christians are being slaughtered at will by Islamic State barbarians. And Iran, the most prominent nation state sponsor of terrorism in the world, is now a budding nuclear power – and a Shi’ite counter to the…

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One Comment on “Fifteen Years On I Wonder What The Falling Man Would Think”

  1. Denis Rancourt says:

    Climatism should stay away from this kind of uninformed crap. Until you put the same effort into researching geopolitics as you have researching climate propaganda, please don’t degrade your website with such stuff. It will harm your valid work. I am not at at an Obama fan. I am concerned by the gargantuan ignorance contained in the repost.


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