The Tambora Eruption

Great climatic analogy exposing the utter hubris and arrogance of mankind’s (religious) quest to control the climate, spending trillions on schemes and scams to attempt to stop bad weather and an increment of (modelled) warning that would, most probably, be beneficial to humanity.


By Paul Homewood

Caldera Mt Tambora Sumbawa Indonesia.jpg

Aerial view of the caldera of Mount Tambora, formed during the colossal 1815 eruption.

The BBC Today programme on Friday last week featured an interview with Professor Hazel Rymer, a vulcanologist, on the topic of the Mount Tambora eruption of 1815.

At about 2 hours 56 minutes into the programme, the following exchange took place with John Humphreys, regarding the drop in global temperatures:

RYMER: As far as we can tell, the temperature did drop over the following summer by about 0.7C.

HUMPHREYS: Well not a huge amount.

RYMER: Well it does not sound very much does it?

What makes this conversation stand out is that only last year the BBC ran a TV programme, Climate Change by Numbers, which used three different “numbers” to persuade us all how dangerous climate change was supposed to be.

One of these numbers was 0.85C, the…

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Fifteen Years On I Wonder What The Falling Man Would Think

Wow. A powerful must read.

15 years on from 9/11 and we live in a far more dangerous world at the hands of “Islamofascists”, thanks to the almost wilful ceding of power and control by the dangerously weak Obama and his politically correct administration.

A deplorable legacy Obama has left the world and a tragic blight on the thousands who died at the hands of Islamic terrorists 15 years ago today.

PA Pundits - International

20120106_salvatoBy Frank Salvato ~

Fifteen years on from the attacks of September 11, 2001, and Osama bin Laden in dead. This serves as a symbolic victory in the war against Islamofascism. But the fact of the matter is we are less safe; more vulnerable to an attack by Islamic jihadists than we were eight years ago. The blame for this must be laid at the feet of the politically correct.

twin-towers-new-york-thumb.jpgWe have withstood eight years of foreign policy that has seen the Middle East turn from volatile region with pockets of jihadist activity to a centralized location for Islamofascist tyranny. Sharia Law has been invoked, in many places at the tip of the sword. Christians are being slaughtered at will by Islamic State barbarians. And Iran, the most prominent nation state sponsor of terrorism in the world, is now a budding nuclear power – and a Shi’ite counter to the…

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Confusion, Muddle, Obfuscation And Racism

Excellent read. Paul Driessen writes brilliantly.

In this piece, Driessen details the deadly and dangerous repercussions that draconian climate policy, enforced by eco-elites, has on the impoverished and less fortunate in society.

“They result in racist eco-manslaughter and must no longer be tolerated – no matter how “caring” and “well-intended” supposed “climate cataclysm prevention” policies might be.”

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As Obama, UN and EPA seek to dictate our lives and livelihoods, the real issue is green racism

Driessenprofile2By Paul Driessen ~

Winston Churchill called Russia a riddle wrapped in a mystery inside an enigma. We could say Obama’s energy and climate policy is confusion wrapped in muddled thinking inside obfuscation – and driven by autocratic diktats that bring job-killing, economy-strangling, racist and deadly outcomes.

President Obama was recently in China, where his vainglorious arrival turned into an inglorious snub, when he had to use Air Force 1’s rear exit. He was there mostly to join Chinese President Xi Jinping and UN Secretary Ban Ki-moon, to formally sign the Paris climate treaty that Mr. Obama insists is not a treaty (and thus does not require Senate “advice and consent” under Article II, Section 2 of the Constitution) because it is not binding – yet.

Global Warming PoliticsHowever, once it has been…

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Happy Birthday Climate Etc.

Happy Birthday “Climate Etc.” 🎉🎈
And big credit and congrats to you Judith Curry for having the guts and determination to stand up for science and reason – risking your own job, grants, career, reputation and sanity for daring to speak out against the perceived wisdom of the day and question the groupthink climate dogma that so toxically pollutes your industry.
Happy Birthday and keep up your amazing work!
Jamie (Climatism)

Climate Etc.

by Judith Curry

Can you guess which birthday this is?

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The Greens – The (unofficial) Guide

Excellent read. Highly recommended!

A few teasers :

“Plants have a favourite gas. It is called carbon dioxide and they grow strong and healthy when they have lots of it.

When plants first evolved there was lots more carbon dioxide in the air, but now there isn’t so much and sometimes kind farmers pump it into greenhouses so planet can grow healthy.

Ironically, Greens like plants and trees; plants and trees like carbon dioxide; but Greens hate carbon dioxide. If the plants could talk, they would probably ask for more carbon dioxide from the Greens by way of thanks. I think that this would make the Greens very grumpy. It would be quite funny to watch.


“The Greens don’t move from rich countries to the poor countries to be happy and poor, but they do hang pictures of African people on the walls in their houses. To make them happy.”


“Even though they love the Polar Bear, the Greens love pictures of Polar Bears that are poorly, falling off icebergs or swimming a lot and looking tired. Greens send these pictures to their friends to make their friends sad. Greens like to make their friends sad. They like to be sad together.

Luckily, the Polar Bears don’t seem troubled by this. There are now more Polar Bears than ever before and they are doing very well.

Maybe one day, a Polar Bear will eat one of the sad photographers to make him happy.”

Satire .. not quite dead. Yet.

Who Are the Greens?

People who love the planet earth are called Environmentalists or Greens.

Greens believe that the planet earth is being destroyed and everyone needs to work together to save it.

Greens think that people are bad and the planet is good. Some Greens call people a “cancer” on the earth.


Natural Is Good

The Greens believe that things that are already on the earth are “natural”. The Greens like natural things.

This includes trees, whales, snow leopards, icebergs, oceans, rainbows and lots more. Viruses, genetic defects, disease-carrying mosquitos, illness and death are all natural too. The Greens don’t mention these much.

The Greens believe that people are destroying nature when they make their lives better. Lots of people have better lives by using things made by modern science and technology.

The Greens don’t like modern things. They call them “un-natural”.

VetDay-CadoganMosquitoes Some “natural” things are out to kill us. Humans are successful because…

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