New Study Finds No Evidence Of Global Warming Increasing Extreme Rainfall

Another one bites the dust ☔️


By Paul Homewood


This paper, published last month, has some relevance to recent attempts to blame the Louisiana floods on global warming.


Precipitation extremes have a widespread impact on societies and ecosystems; it is therefore important to understand current and future patterns of extreme precipitation. Here, a set of new global coupled climate models with varying atmospheric resolution has been used to investigate the ability of these models to reproduce observed patterns of precipitation extremes and to investigate changes in these extremes in response to increased atmospheric CO2 concentrations. The atmospheric resolution was increased from 2°×2° grid cells (typical resolution in the CMIP5 archive) to 0.25°×.25° (tropical cyclone-permitting). Analysis has been confined to the contiguous United States (CONUS). It is shown that, for these models, integrating at higher atmospheric resolution improves all aspects of simulated extreme precipitation: spatial patterns, intensities and seasonal timing. In response to 2×CO

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You’d Believe In Global Warming, Too, If Australia’s Prime Minister Turnbull Gave You $300 Million. UPDATED: Islands Growing, Not Sinking

At the 44th Pacific Islands forum in 2013, spend-thrift Labor, c/o Bob Carr, gifted $15 million to Kiribati for a sea level rise that wasn’t then and still isn’t rising:

At this years 47th forum, PM Turnbull hands a check to Micronesia for $300 million to fight poported climate change and rising seas that haven’t risen since records began in 1969!

$15 million under Labor versus $300 million under Liberal – conservatism has certainly come a long way in 3 years!

Not to mention Australia’s foreign debt spiralling out of control.

More borrowed money to achieve nothing more than elitist climate virtue-signalling, wealth redistribution and create more debt.


Turnbull must go.

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Bolt New 01By Andrew Bolt ~

Want to know why leaders of Pacific island countries love talking up that nonsense about global warming threatening their little paradises with doom? Check out Malcolm Turnbull.

Come in, sucker:Global Warming meltdown

THERE is “no more pressing need” in the region than climate change, Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull has told Pacific leaders in Micronesia. Mr Turnbull announced $300 million to help the Pacific “manage climate change and improve disaster resilience”.

Reality check:

Professor Paul Kench, an Auckland University coastal geomorphologist, along with colleagues in Australia and Fiji, has now studied more than 600 coral reef islands in the Pacific and Indian Oceans. His findings: about 40 per cent have grown in size. Another 40 per cent have stayed stable. Just 20 per cent have shrunk…


Populated islands have even reclaimed territory from the sea:

…the most populous atoll of Kiribati – the tiny islet of Betio…

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Germany Scraps Coal Exit, Removes Concrete Targets In Weakened Climate Plan

Ideologically green-aggressive Germany has spent near a €1 Trillion Euros on Windmills and Solar panels, only to undergo her biggest coal-fired power expansion in history…!

Weather dependant, intermittent and hellishly costly windmills and solar panels have failed as a legitimate baseload energy source.

The Western worlds obsession with ‘green’ energy has savaged economies, destroyed jobs and created fuel-poverty that is literally killing people, as they are unable to afford soaring energy bills to help cope with harsh winters.

All the green-energy-revolution has achieved is to relieve climate guilt for the gullible and enrich the elite, both morally and financially.


By Paul Homewood


The German Government has published its Climate Action Plan 2050, and green activists are none too happy, as Clean Energy Wire reports:

Environmental organisations have responded to a government proposal to decarbonise the economy with outrage. They say the Climate Action Plan 2050 will fall well short of meeting climate targets, and accuse the environment ministry of caving in to pressure from the economics ministry and Angela Merkel’s Chancellery to water down ambitious plans and drop important details, like a deadline for the coal exit. [Adds comment from environment minister, chancellor, industry lobby, changes headline to clarify state of the process]

The final version of the German environment ministry’s Climate Action Plan has been published. But concrete targets included in previous drafts have been removed, prompting the Green Party to describe the document as an “admission of government failure”. Germany’s powerful industry lobby group BDI…

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