Scumbag Climate Scientist Blames Drownings On Climate Change

‘Climate ambulance chasers’ – appalling.

Though nothing new from the alarmist camp, capitalising on any and every weather event to push their pseudoscientific climate agenda.

Superb research and post Paul, outing and shaming climate ‘scientist’ Simon Boxall (remember that name.)


By Paul Homewood


Can these scumbags get any worse?

From Sky News:

The UK’s coastlines will become even more dangerous because of climate change, an expert has told Sky News.

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HuffPost: Global Warming Is A Greater Moral Challenge Than Budget Repair

“If renewables was a real business which delivered value, they could try to trade their way out of trouble – they could innovate, expand into new markets, trim costs, increase sales to restore profitability. But renewables are not a real business, they are a political fantasy, totally dependent on taxpayer handouts. So their only option when times get tough is to squeal like stuck pigs, to try to frighten politicians into maintaining the money font.”

Just as socialist central planning failed miserably before it was replaced by free market economies, green central planning will have to be discarded before Australia and the rest of the ‘unreliable’ energy-obsessed western world will be able to see a return to economic growth and budget repair.

Watts Up With That?


Guest essay by Eric Worrall

WUWT recently reported how budget cuts to ARENA renewables programmes were an “existential threat” to green innovation. Now we learn that it is immoral to slash green budgets to try to contain the spiralling Aussie government debt.

Global Warming Is A Greater Moral Challenge Than Budget Repair

Australia is at a critical moment.

Cutting carbon emissions remains one of the key challenges of our time. Former Prime Minister Kevin Rudd described it as “the greatest moral challenge of our generation” and Barack Obama has stated “we will respond to the threat of climate change, knowing that the failure to do so would betray our children and future generations”.

Between 2012 and 2016, the Australian Renewable Energy Agency (ARENA) supported 254 renewable energy projects across a range of technologies including new storage technology, ocean energy, solar thermal, and solar PV or enabling technologies. These…

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Why China Likes Solar Power

China building a coal plant a week, in hysterics at the self-loathing, politically correct, groupthink gullibility of the climate obsessed West.


By Paul Homewood


If anybody wonders why China is so keen to get the world to sign up to the Paris Agreement, just take a look at the above chart!

Statista added this comment:

Chinese solar photovoltaic production has soared over the past decade, reaching 21,069 megawatts by 2012. Back in 2002, the country had a mere 10 megawatts of annual solar panel production, illustrating the massive strides made in the industry in recent years.
However, the pace of growth has not proved entirely positive, with many solar panel makers struggling in the face of massive debts. China’s Ministry of Finance recently announced it will offer tax breaks to companies developing solar panels in an attempt to improve the situation.
Taiwan produces the second largest annual volume of solar panels worldwide with 5,025 megawatts in 2012. The United States in quite a large distance behind. After producing 1, 056…

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