What About The Satellites, Brian?

Satellite ‘deniers’


By Paul Homewood



Smug TV scientist Brian Cox produced a graph, purportedly showing how global temperatures are rapidly rising, to convince a gullible audience that we are all going to die.

Given that he is supposed to be a physicist, with great insights into the universe, it is perhaps slightly surprising that he is not aware of the much more comprehensive satellite data, which shows a totally different story.



Cox lost all scientific credibility years ago, when he took the TV dollar. He now carries little more credibility than Bill Nye, the Science Guy (and that is saying something!)

Of course, the heavily adjusted, UHI ridden, extremely patchy surface record MIGHT be right, and the satellite record wrong. But should not a proper scientist look at all of the data, and ask questions when there is such conflict?

Indeed, a proper scientist might wonder why NASA are even…

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