Climate Clash: Aussie Senator Malcolm Roberts Owns TV Physicist Brian Cox

Watts Up With That?

Malcolm Roberts (Left, source One Nation Website), Brian Cox (Right), source Wikimedia Malcolm Roberts (Left, source One Nation Website), Brian Cox (Right), source Wikimedia. By cellanrProf Brian Cox, CC BY-SA 2.0,

Guest essay by Eric Worrall

Despite a hostile audience and a panel stacked with climate advocates, One Nation Federal Senator Malcolm Roberts did a credible job of holding his own, when questioned about his climate skepticism.


My favourite Roberts quote at 4:02 in the excerpt:

I’m absolutely stunned that someone [Brian Cox] who is inspired by Richard Feynman, a fantastic scientist who believes in empirical evidence, is quoting Consensus.

Brian Cox attempted to embarrass Roberts with a copy an unnamed “Global Land Ocean Temperature” graph. Unfortunately for Cox, Roberts has expert knowledge of climate datasets. Roberts challenged the validity of the graph on the basis that it showed 1998 as being significantly cooler than 2015/16, and challenged Cox to provide details of the dataset…

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What About The Satellites, Brian?

Satellite ‘deniers’


By Paul Homewood


Smug TV scientist Brian Cox produced a graph, purportedly showing how global temperatures are rapidly rising, to convince a gullible audience that we are all going to die.

Given that he is supposed to be a physicist, with great insights into the universe, it is perhaps slightly surprising that he is not aware of the much more comprehensive satellite data, which shows a totally different story.


Cox lost all scientific credibility years ago, when he took the TV dollar. He now carries little more credibility than Bill Nye, the Science Guy (and that is saying something!)

Of course, the heavily adjusted, UHI ridden, extremely patchy surface record MIGHT be right, and the satellite record wrong. But should not a proper scientist look at all of the data, and ask questions when there is such conflict?

Indeed, a proper scientist might wonder why NASA are even…

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NASA Successfully Eliminates the 1998 El Nino

The latest scientific fraud update c/o Gavin Schmidt’s NASA…

“it’s disturbing that NASA is promoting such a graph—and that climate alarmists are using it without either knowing or caring that it is based on a very distorted representation of temperature data.”


By Paul Homewood


From Climate Change Dispatch:

Has anyone looked at the recent National Aeronautics and Space Administration Goddard Institute for Space Studies (NASA GISS) Surface Temperature Analysis? A chart of it was used in a recent Australian Broadcasting Company debate on global warming to make the case that surface temperatures have risen continuously during the past 20 years.


There’s a pretty blatant problem with the NASA chart, however. And it’s a fault that anyone with even a cursory knowledge of climate studies would recognize.

The NASA GISS analysis essentially eliminates the 1998 El Niño. Instead of the ’98 El Niño towering above neighboring years, thanks to its massive release of stored Pacific Ocean heat content, 1998 is simply depicted as one rung on an ever-climbing temperature ladder. And then, suddenly, there’s 2016, with an El Niño that explodes far above all of the preceding years.


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