SA’s Wind Power Debacle Escalates as Australian Wind Power Subsidies Hit $3 Billion a Year

“Climate Change Crisis Inc.” – the biggest money thieving scam in the history of humanity.

Billions upon billions of your hard-earned taxpayer money funnelled off to the ‘0.1%’ blood-sucking, green corporate monoliths, to do absolutely nothing to ‘change’ the apparent sick climate.

We TRULY are living in a ‘climate’ of collective madness and groupthink, feel-good, eco-insanity.



Renewables’ subsidies put sting into power bills
The Australian
Michael Owen
26 July 2016

Renewable energy output in Australia is subsidised by almost $3 billion a year, more than 19 times the amount for generation from fossil fuels, a report by an economic consultancy says.

The report by Principal Economics found renewable energy subsidies added between 3 per cent and 9 per cent to the average household bill, and up to 20 per cent for some industrial users.

This comes as federal Energy Minister Josh Frydenberg yesterday said this month’s energy crisis in South Australia, in which wholesale electricity spot prices spiked from an average of $100 a megawatt hour to almost $14,000/MWh, would be discussed at an August 19 meeting of the Council of Australian Governments Energy Council in Canberra.

The summit comes amid increasing concern that surging power prices, which caused some major businesses in South Australia to…

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