Climate Crisis Inc. Update

The Climate Crisis industry is BIG business.

Climate alarmism and cries of armageddon pay handsomely!

Paul Driessen puts the staggering numbers in perspective:

“The annual revenue of the Climate Crisis & Renewable Energy Industry has become a $1.5-trillion-a-year business! That’s equal to the annual economic activity generated by the entire US nonprofit sector, or all savings over the past ten years from consumers switching to generic drugs. By comparison, revenue for the much-vilified Koch Industries are about $115 billion, for ExxonMobil around $365 billion.”

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Science Matters

Five years ago Jo Nova provided a graphic displaying the workings of the Climate Scare Machine.  The figures are out-dated and this post is to update the growth of the Climate Crisis Industry and its outlook.

From Jo Nova (here) in 2010 dollars:
Climate Change Scare Machine Cycle: see how your tax dollars are converted into alarming messages

The money, power, and influence is vastly larger on the side that benefits from the alarm
On the skeptical side, Exxon chipped in all of $23 million over ten years, but it’s chump-change. The fossil fuel industry doesn’t like carbon legislation, but it’s not life or death, unlike the situation for wind and solar, which would be virtually wiped out without the subsidies provided by the scare.

The US government has poured in $79 billion and then some. But the pro-scare funding is pervasive: for example — the Australian government spent…

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New Coal and Gas Plants For Africa & India

There will be weeping and gnashing of teeth over at the UN World Bank (who suspended coal-funding to 3rd-world countries like Africa) and weeping in the halls of the climate crisis industry, as some of the 1.3 billion people who have NO electricity, at all, finally get to see the light!

Thankfully for the climate zealot brigade, there are plenty more carbon spewing Paris climate gabfests inked in to preach climate salvation and spread their unclean, unwanted, unnecessary and unreliable (renewable) energy fantasies – wind & solar.


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UN criticises UK and Germany for betraying Paris climate deal

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By Paul Homewood


The Guardian peddles that latest UN propaganda:

Ban Ki-moon’s climate change envoy has accused the UK and Germany of backtracking on the spirit of the Paris climate deal by financing the fossil fuel industry through subsidies.

Mary Robinson, the former president of Ireland and UN special envoy on climate change and El Niño, said she had to speak out after Germany promised compensation for coal power and the UK provided tax breaks for oil and gas.

Governments in Paris last year not only pledged to phase out fossil fuels in the long term but to make flows of finance consistent with the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions.

“They’ve [the British government] introduced new tax breaks for oil and gas in 2015 that will cost the UK taxpayer billions between 2015 and 2020, and at the same time they’ve cut support for renewables and for energy efficiency,”…

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