What about our kids and future generations

The mesmerising hypocrisy of the climate change Leftist elite!

“Do as I say, Not as I do”

An Honest Climate Debate

What about our kids and future generations

Former Australian Prime Minister and current Foreign Minister Kevin “747” Rudd in 2008

We must prepare for a low-carbon economy.
To delay any longer, to stay in denial as the climate change sceptics and some members opposite would have us do, is reckless and irresponsible.
For our generation, for our kids and future generations, we must act now.

Kevin “Carbon Bigfoot” Rudd in 2011

GLOBETROTTER Kevin Rudd has notched up a staggering 384,000km in overseas air travel since becoming Foreign Minister –the equivalent of flying to the moon.

And despite being the only cabinet minister to drive a fuel-efficient Toyoto Prius, his global carbon footprint amounts to 58 tonnes – equivalent to driving 13 Holden Commodores for a year.

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South Australia’s Wind Power Nightmare Crushing its Biggest Employers

“…direct product of the Federal Government’s Large-Scale Renewable Energy Target – designed as a $45 billion tax on all Australian electricity consumers, returned as a subsidy in the form of Renewable Energy Certificates (or LGCs) to wind power outfits.”

Green centralised planning, like central economic planning of socialist regimes gone by, has failed with truly devastating economic results.


Nightmare (1962) Jerry wakes up

For over 3½ years, STT has been warning about the pending social and economic disaster in Australia’s so-called “wind power capital”, South Australia.

A few weeks back we covered yet another crippling 12% hike in retail power prices, to be suffered by cash-strapped South Australian households; those who, of course, aren’t among the tens of thousands that have already been cut from the grid, unable to pay their escalating bills.

In the meantime, South Australia’s largest employers – energy hungry outfits like Nyrstar’s lead and zinc smelter at Port Pirie; Arrium’s steelworks at Whyalla; BHP Billiton’s giant Olympic Dam copper and uranium mine; and Adelaide Brighton Cement at Port Adelaide – are being belted by spot prices starting at over $1,000 per MWh and which frequently hit the market price cap of $13,800 per MWh.  Those figures compare with prices received by scheduled, base-load generators of between $45-70 per MWh.

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