The sun is as blank as a billiard ball, solar activity dwindling to lows not seen in 200 years

Climate Crisis Inc. rule #1 – DO NOT mention the “Sun” as a driver of climate.
Climate Change is solely driven by [colourless, odourless, trace gas, plant food] CO2! And it is YOUR CO2 contribution, not nature’s 97%, that causes catastrophic climate change, as foretold by UN IPCC computer models and expert [eco-activist] government climate scientists.
Pay your tithes.
Relieve your climate guilt NOW!

Watts Up With That?

Guest essay by David Archibald

The latest image from the Solar Dynamics Observatory (SDO) shows our sun as a blank canvas. No sunspots. Solar cycle 24 activity continues to be lowest in nearly 200 years


According to NASA’s

Sunspot number:…
Updated 30 Jun 2016

Spotless Days
Current Stretch: 7 days
2016 total: 11 days (6%)
2015 total: 0 days (0%)

2014 total: 1 day (<1%)
2013 total: 0 days (0%)
2012 total: 0 days (0%)
2011 total: 2 days (<1%)
2010 total: 51 days (14%)
2009 total: 260 days (71%)

The last time sunspots vanished for a whole week was in Dec. 2010–a time when the sun was bouncing back from a long Solar Minimum. In this case, the 7 week interregnum is a sign that a new Solar Minimum is coming.

The sunspot cycle is like a pendulum, swinging back and forth every 11-years or so between times…

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