Wind Power: The Greatest Swindle Ever Known

Shock news.

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Alan Jones

Australia is in election mode, with the battle for Federal political supremacy being won and lost on television and on the airwaves.

The one broadcaster a political hopeful doesn’t want off-side is 2GB’s Alan Jones. AJ’s followers number in the millions across 77 stations across the Country.

Last week, Alan picked up on the cost of the great wind power fraud in Australia, with a little help from STT Champion, Western Australian Liberal Senator, Chris Back.

Here are a few of their key points:

  • Australia is in debt, requiring 1.2 billion dollars each month to meet the interest repayments alone.
  • We are borrowing money jut to pay interest.
  • Currently each wind turbine, each year earns $600,000 up until 2031 (earning a renewable energy certificate for each MW of renewable power generator.
    • Energy retailers need to buy (and surrender) renewable energy certificates, or be fined.
    • The market value of renewable energy…

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