Renewable Power Australia – John Hewson Out For The Grants He Championed On The ABC

Their ABC interviewing experts (activists) on global warming and renewable energy, with vested interests in it. Shock news.

Defund ‘their ABC’ now. The $1.3 Billion taxpayer funded state-run news monolith is legally mandated, under its charter, to act impartially and objectively. Period.

This latest act of deceptive journalism, proves yet again that the ABC continues to *break the law*. Literally.

And shame on you John Hewson “hypocrite”.

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Bolt New 01By Andrew Bolt ~

Hypocrite speaks:

John Hewson has come out warning of the influence big corporations can have over politicians and public policy…

Hewson said the renewable energy industry had been the victim of a vicious offensive by the Coalition and had been forced to accept a huge cut to the renewable energy target.

He was attacking the federal Coalition … in the middle of a NSW election campaign being fought over the sale of poles and wires…

Gemasolar Concentrating Solar Power Plant SpainGemasolar Concentrating Solar Power Plant Spain

And how often the ABC reports Hewson’s views on renewable energy without declaring his vested interest in both green power and the government targets and subsidies needed to prop it up:

Former Liberal leader Dr John Hewson says the Federal Government should abandon its bid to scale back the renewable energy target…

Now his vested interest is made so manifest that surely the ABC and…

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