Lessons from the UK & SA – How to Destroy Power Supplies & Economies: Start with Subsidised Wind Power

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Pinning its hopes to a wholly weather dependent power source – that requires 100% of its capacity to be backed up 100% of the time by conventional generation sources – Britain’s energy ‘policy’ was never going to end well.

Already faced with an unstable grid and rocketing power prices thanks to its gamble on wind power, the scale of the folly is only beginning to reveal itself. In order to prevent total grid collapses, wind power outfits are being paid hundreds of £millions to produce nothing at all (see our post here).

As examples of how to simultaneously destroy an electricity grid and a power market, Britain is right up there with Australia’s wind power capital, South Australia (see our post here).

As the following pieces from The Telegraph and The Economist reveal, the massive subsidies thrown at wind power have thrown up a number of pretty obvious…

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