Climate Blamed for Worst Paris Floods since 1910

Everything is blamed on “Climate Change”.

However as the great philosopher Karl Popper noted: ‘A theory that explains everything, explains nothing’

Here’s a (nearly) complete list of things supposedly caused by “Global Warming” aka Climate Change”:

Ergo Popper, “Climate Change” is an ideology or a religion, not a science.

Watts Up With That?


Guest essay by Eric Worrall

Paris, France recently suffered severe flooding. Naturally Climate Scientists have blamed the May 2016 Paris floods on Climate, though it was admitted the floods fell well short of the Great Flood of 1910.

Flooding began first on smaller rivers including the Yvette and Loing — south of Paris (Figure 1). The Loing River, a tributary of the Seine, rose to levels not seen since 1982 but still short of the catastrophic January 1910 Paris floods when the Seine reached 8.0 meters (26.2 feet). The Seine – which runs directly through the heart of Paris – peaked at 6.1 meters (20 feet ) above its normal height during the night of June 3rd — a 34-year high. Farther south, in the heart of the Loire basin, tributaries of the Loire River, including the Retreve and the Sauldre Rivers, reached 50-year highs between May 31st and June…

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