South Australia’s Wind Power Chaos: Victoria’s Coal-Fired Plant its Only Salvation

“Sooner or later everyone sits down to a banquet of consequences.” – Robert Louis Stevenson

Spot on.

This post is a must read to understand the total uselessness of intermittent, expensive and unwanted Industrial Wind power.

Unlike the feel-good “save the planet” wind industry, the information and statistics in this post deal in fact, not fantasy!

And the facts are truly frightening for the future of Australia’s once cheap and reliable energy supply, that supported industry and jobs. Now thanks to ‘unreliables’ – wind and solar, jobs and industry are moving overseas at an alarming rate. Not to mention families suffering “fuel poverty”, struggling to pay their electricity bills.

Wake up Australia.


SA April 2016

Wind cultists have been making the brazen claim that the rampant proliferation of these things in South Australia led to the demise of Alinta’s coal-fired plant at Port Augusta.

The perverse economics of the LRET (and the market distortions of directing RECs – currently worth $80 – to a ‘product’ with NO commercial value) is the culprit, not electricity supplied at crazy random intervals, which, in SA, wind power operators actually pay the grid manager up to $20 per MWh to take, on those occasions when the wind hits its straps for a few hours at a stretch (see our post here). Without subsidies, conventional generators can’t possibly give power away to ‘compete’ on those terms; not if they want to remain solvent, that is.

The wind cult is also pedalling the myth that, with the closure of Port Augusta, CO2 emissions will plummet and, ergo, we will…

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