World Heritage At Risk From Global Warming – UCS

When all else fails, like empirical (scientific) evidence, not supporting your hypothesis/theory of man-made “global warming”, “climate change”, “global cooling”, or “global whatever it may be”, target human emotions. In this instance – World Heritage sites.

More classic UNEP agitprop to attempt to scare, deceive and convert you.

Remember all these fears and scares are based on failed (overheated) UN/IPCC CMIP5 RCP8.5 climate *models*.

Predictive (UN IPCC) models are not science and do not observe reality. They are predictions based on perceived inputs in and desired results out. Then the CAGW complicit MSM media simply runs with the output because those same modelled outputs suit their agenda nicely too, objectivity denied absolute.


By Paul Homewood


The Union of Socialist Concerned Scientists have teamed up with the UN for their latest scare story, how thousands of world heritage sites are at risk from climate change.

Their British offerings include the remarkable neolithic site of Skara Brae in the Orkneys.


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The Republic of Science

Excellent read on how ‘groupthink’ and ‘confirmation bias’ pollutes the sciences.

Especially relevant in today’s – environmental “save the planet” scientific realm.

Important read.

Climate Etc.

by Judith Curry

The professional standards of science must impose a framework of discipline and at the same time encourage rebellion against it. – Michael Polyani (1962)

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Paul Douglas’ Claims Don’t Stand Up To Scrutiny

This analysis, a great example of how easy it is for today’s “climate change” alarmists to reach for doom and gloom without comparing an historical perspective.

In this case, and with so many climate related issues, low CO2 records show the same ‘extremity’ as claimed in today’s climate/weather patterns.

More history, less TV, might be a good thing to understand how the climate around you actually works and behaves, over time.


By Paul Homewood


I return to that piece in the Guardian last week, in which US meteorologist claims that he can see global warming’s effect on weather.

It is sometimes useful to look at things at the local level. Douglas, who lives in Minneapolis, claims that rainfall rates are increasing there and that flooding is worse.

If we look at the NOAA precipitation chart for Minnesota, we can see rainfall does appear to have increased in the last few decades.

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Dying from heat and cold: which extreme is the more deadly?

“It would appear that current global warming is actually helping to reduce the yearly number of temperature-related deaths.
Yet, somehow, this good news never seems to get reported in the media.”

Surprise, surprise.

Tallbloke's Talkshop

Hot or cold[Image credit: BBC] Hot or cold[Image credit: BBC]
Climate catastrophists should be careful what they wish for, according to this review featured by CO2 Science.

In a review of the human health effects of temperature, Seltenrich (2015) writes that “while isolated heat waves pose a major health risk and grab headlines when they occur, recent research has uncovered a more complex and perhaps unexpected relationship between temperature and public health,” which is, as he continues, that “on the whole, far more deaths occur in cold weather than in hot.”

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