Wind Industry Corruption: US Fish & Wildlife Push to Excuse Rampant Eagle Slaughter

“In Spain alone, wind farms are killing between 6,000,000 and 18,000,000 birds every year…”

Where’s the eco-outrage form ‘green’ groups and the ‘climate change’ activist mainstream media? There isn’t any because ‘Global Warming’ is an ideology, a religion. It was and never will be about the environment.

Who cares about slaughtering millions of birds and bats when you’re trying to “Save The Planet”.

Despicable hypocrisy. Though not surprising when ‘climate change’ is involved.


eagle at waterloo The Eagle has ‘landed’ – courtesy of Waterloo’s whirling wonders…


The wind industry and its parasites have – from the outset – pitched these things as a “planet saving, clean, green and environmentally friendly technology”; which doesn’t quite gel with the wholesale slaughter of birds and bats. Let’s call it an “inconvenient truth” (see our post here).

Were anyone caught shooting eagles or other protected species they would face prosecution.

Kill a relatively common Wedge-Tailed Eagle in Australia and you’ll face 6 months imprisonment or a $10,000 fine. As the stories in these links show – when lads with a .22 do it – there is media “shock” and “outrage” at a crime deemed worthy of serious punishment.

But the operators of wind farms face no such criminal sanction or penalty – and, instead, get to slice and dice birds and bats of all shapes and sizes…

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  1. They are hypocrites

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