Uh oh: Study says ‘collapsing’ Thwaites Glacier in Antarctica melting from geothermal heat, not ‘climate change’ effects

What an appalling indictment on ‘journalism’ that the worst, global warming alarmist and activist, Suzanne Goldenberg can be accused of for spreading fear and falsehoods about global warming “science”, is an excess of virtue.

What other untruths does she spread in pursuit of pushing her ideologically driven climate change alarmist agenda?

Watts Up With That?

ThwaitesTongue-600x423[1]Remember the wailing from Suzanne Goldenberg over the “collapse” of the Thwaites glacier blaming man-made CO2 effects and the smackdown given to the claim on WUWT?

Well, never mind. From the University of Texas at Austin  and the “you can stop your wailing now” department, comes this really, really, inconvenient truth.

Researchers find major West Antarctic glacier melting from geothermal sources

AUSTIN, Texas — Thwaites Glacier, the large, rapidly changing outlet of the West Antarctic Ice Sheet, is not only being eroded by the ocean, it’s being melted from below by geothermal heat, researchers at the Institute for Geophysics at The University of Texas at Austin (UTIG) report in the current edition of the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.

The findings significantly change the understanding of conditions beneath the West Antarctic Ice Sheet where accurate information has previously been unobtainable.

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CO2 Reaches Tipping Point!

“CO2 Reaches A Tipping Point” despite the fact there’s been NO atmospheric global warming for nearly 20 years, with record anthropogenic CO2 emissions over the same period.

And despite the fact that climate change alarmist institutions NASA and CSIRO et al., have begrudgingly admitted that man’s addition of colourless, odourless, trace gas and plant food CO2 is actually “greening” the planet.

Which is good news because historically, we live in a dangerously low CO2-starved environment.



By Paul Homewood



We’re all going to die! From the Mail:

6 June may sound like an insignificant date to many, but it could mark a ‘tipping point’ in the world’s history, an expert has warned.

An atmospheric measuring station at Cape Grim in Tasmania is expected to record a carbon dioxide (CO2) concentration of 400 parts per million (ppm) on or around this day – a significant number marking a climate change milestone.

While 400ppm has been recorded before, the Tasmanian location is regarded as one of the cleanest air sources in the world, so such levels of pollution are said to be a real blow.

The measure is an indicator of the amount of planet-warming gases being pumped into the atmosphere at record rates and the concentrations are the highest in millions of years.

The measurements of 400ppm come almost three decades after what is considered the…

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Why would it be different this time?

“The aim of the eco-ideology is in reality another society – undemocratic and dictatorial. Ecology here is only an instrument….”

“Climate change is a dangerous undemocratic ideology.”

Roald J. Larsen

First a little science. Data Models vs. empirically measured temperature:


Why doesn’t temperature increase when CO2 increase? According to the red line it should. Because CO2 doesn’t produce energy (heat), in fact it cools the planet’s atmosphere .. Here’s how:

Physics Proves Radiating Gases Decrease Global Temperature It Can Quantify How Much, About -0.086C/Doubling

Decarbonization “gross nonsense”

“On the endeavor to “protect the climate” through cutting CO2 emissions, something often called decarbonization, Lüdecke calls it “gross nonsense” and tells us that a changing climate is “a law of nature“. He adds that there is no evidence that CO2 is “harmful to the climate” and that it strongly warms it”.

Lüdecke tells the DAV that strong warming is found only in models that use dubious assumptions and effects:

Whether or not these effects are based on reliable data is of no interest to the modelers. This is how one gets the…

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