Wind Power in Germany: the Perfect Example of an Energy Fiasco

Intermittent Unrealiables. Backed up 24/7 by cheap, efficeiint and realiable fossil fuel energy, for when the wind don’t blow and the sun goes to bed.

Astonishing how so many refuse to understand or believe this most basic reality of intermittent outcomes.

Attach “Green and clean” to the most insane green-energy project and the world and unlimited financial resources are at your infinite disposal. No questions asked.

The proof of failure is being rapidly felt at such great cost to the poorest in society.

So so wrong.



turbine rotor germany It’s an ‘example’, but an example of what?


STT followers may wonder at our recent focus on Germany. The reason we pick on Deutschland is simply that – in making any point – it’s best done with examples. Readily identifiable examples. But that doesn’t mean the scenario in question is one worth following. Oh no.

There are plenty of bad examples, used as a warning to the foolhardy who might, through youthful inexperience or inherent stupidity, be trundling along the same pathway to disaster.

Germany, as a country that has spent more than €200 billion on its Energiewende and, thereby, sent its power prices through the roof and its meaningful industries packing, provides just such an example.

New York’s Wall Street Journal has run the ‘wind is free’ line long enough to tar it with the wind-cult brush. However, in this piece it appears to have finally woken up…

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