Arrogant Aussie City Politicians Lecturing Farmers on “Sustainability”

Beware of that word Sustainability out of “sustainable development”, born out of the deep-green ideology of climate change / global warming elites, the UN.

Sustainability is Malthusianism for the 21st century: the fallacy that population is growing faster than the available resources and that ruination is just around the corner.

Another UN code name for “sustainable development” is “Agenda 21”.

Inner city, climate change, political elites should stay out of farmers’ lives. After all, they may one day provide the cockroaches and crickets that inner city climate change elites claim we must eat to avoid dangerous climate change!

Watts Up With That?

Man v Nature Farmer checks safe passage for animals across waterway

Guest essay by Eric Worrall

Even the green leaning Australian ABC is concerned about the arrogant ignorance, of Aussie city politicians lecturing farmers how to improve their farms, by letting the weeds grow.

New South Wales Farmers president Derek Schoen said he was “very disappointed” with the Labor environment spokesman Mark Butler’s approach to climate change policy.

“It is, again, sort of demonising farmers as environmental wreckers, which we definitely are not,” Mr Schoen said.

“We have a vested interest in maintaining the environment and our properties in a sustainable manner, and to again be targeted by Labor, it just proves that some within the party are very slow learners.

“I’m not even sure if Mark Butler has actually put a foot on a property to actually see first-hand how farmers operate their properties in a sustainable manner.”

But the Federal Labor…

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