State of the Climate: 10 years after Al Gore declared a ‘planetary emergency’ – top 10 reasons Gore was wrong

Hard data and empirical evidence – “The Science” – proves once again that the threat of man-made CO2 induced catastrophic global warming is the biggest scientific scam in history.

With the subsequent trillions of dollars that has gone in to fund, support and feed the beast, it is quite possibly the biggest heist / scam of all time.

We really are a bunch of eco-suckers, living in an age of collective madness.

Dangerous times we inhabit.

Watts Up With That?

gore-10yearsAs I pointed out a couple of weeks ago, ten years ago today, Al Gore said we had only a decade left to save the planet from global warming. But Earth and humanity has been doing just fine since then.

People that know money over at Investor’s Business Daily, said that “We Know Al Gore’s Been Running A Global Warming Racket” and listed five ways they ascertain this, I’m going to list those, embellish them, and add a few of my own. IBD writes:

While preening at the Sundance Film Festival in January 2006 during the premiere of his “An Inconvenient Truth” fib-umentary, Gore made his grand declaration. The former vice president said, in the words of the AP reporter taking down his story, that

“unless drastic measures to reduce greenhouse gases are taken within the next 10 years, the world will reach a point…

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EU drive for ‘green’ biodiesel has increased emissions, study finds 

Not to mention the devastation of SE Asian rainforests to satisfy the EU’s 10% biofuel (feel-good) mandate, in order to “save the planet” from CAGW.

Green hypocrisy at its very finest.

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For how much longer? [image credit:] For how much longer?
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The Telegraph reports that the the biodiesel ‘cure’ is about 1.8 times worse than the imagined carbon dioxide ‘disease’. Another own goal by misguided government-supported environmentalists.

The use of supposedly ‘green’ biodiesel to hit EU renewable energy targets has actually significantly increased greenhouse gas emissions, a new study finds.

By 2020, continued use of biodiesel derived from vegetable oil will increase total EU transport emissions by almost four per cent compared with using its fossil fuel alternative, according to analysis by Transport & Environment, a green group.

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Hump day hilarity – Told you so!

Nice one Josh.

Watts Up With That?

Josh writes: There’s been a lot of Twittering over an article in Nature Climate Change about the greening of the planet. It might not exactly be ground breaking science, it is after all something sceptics have been pointing out for some time, but it is great to see the story in Nature all the same.

But to get alarmists to admit this is good news will, I suspect, be like pulling hen’s teeth.


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