Fossil Fuel Power Generation – The Moral Case – Video From Senate Hearings

An absolute MUST SEE. Share it with all your friends and family.

A very important and brilliant 5 minute senate testimony from the brilliant Alex Epstein.

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I saw this video the other day and decided to Post it here at our site. It’s worth watching for a number of reasons.

Alex Epstein is the main speaker here, and he makes the moral case for our reliance on fossil fuel electrical power generation.

Note here how every time he mentions it, Alex Epstein correctly refers to the supposed problem, he calls it correctly by its correct and full name, Carbon Dioxide. (CO2)

Note also, at around the 7.20 mark, the California Democrat Senator, Barbara Boxer comes in to speak, and instead of actually asking a question, just proceeds to denigrate the Alex Epstein. Senator Boxer again comes in close to the end of the clip at around the 15.15 mark, and (referring back to what Alex Epstein correctly calls it, CO2, Senator Boxer again denigrates the speaker and refers to it as Carbon Pollution.

Alex Epstein speaks…

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