Global Sea Ice Makes A Strong Comeback

“Hottest Year Evah” update…

Watts Up With That?

By Paul Dorian, Vencore Weather

El Nino strengthened significantly during 2015 and peaked in December as one of the strongest such episodes in the past fifty years.  Even though El Nino is a phenomenon characterized by unusually warm water in the equatorial Pacific Ocean, it can have ramifications around the world.  In fact, global temperatures spiked during the last half of 2015 as a result of the strong El Nino and were still at very high levels relative-to-normal as recently as last month.  In addition, global sea ice appeared to be impacted by El Nino as it took a steep dive during much of 2015 and remained at well below-normal levels going into this year.  In the past couple of months, however, El Nino has begun to collapse and will likely flip to a moderate or strong La Nina (colder-than-normal water) by later this year.  In rather quick fashion…

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The Government Wants To Regulate Your Portable Air Conditioner

Climate Change / Global Warming mission statement:
‘To control every aspect of your life through Big Government using eco-guilt, fear and alarmism as the primary tools of submission.’

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Nick LorisBy Nicolas Loris ~

Congratulations, portable air conditioner buyers and sellers. This product now qualifies for… government regulation!

The Department of Energy (DOE) recently determined that portable air conditioners meet the criteria set under the Energy Policy Conservation Act (as amended) for efficiency mandates. Like all other efficiency regulations, mandated appliance standards remove choices from individuals and empower Washington to override personal preferences.

(Photo: Richard B. Levine/Newscom)(Photo: Richard B. Levine/Newscom)

DOE concluded that the average household use of electricity for portable air conditioners exceeds the limit to trigger consideration for regulation. The energy use threshold for DOE bureaucrats to begin inspecting and testing an appliance is low.

Any appliance where the average annual energy use exceeds a 100 kilowatt-hours (kWh) per year receives a visit from the efficiency police. To put that energy figure into context, one kilowatt-hour provides enough electricity to watch TV for 10 hours or vacuum for an hour. Such…

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Climate Hustle – May 2

Real Science

Marc Morano’s movie Climate Hustle is coming out in 400 theaters nationwide on Monday May 2, just as the White House is attempting to silence climate skeptics. It is a one day event, but if the event is successful there will be repeats. Please make sure everyone you know attends. It is my Hollywood premiere!

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Sarah Palin Backs Anti-Climate Change Movie | Variety

You can find a theater here :

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