1914-1915 Australian Drought Led To Complete Crop Failure

Thanks to the UN IPCC, government funded climate scientists, Greenpeace, NASA, BoM, CSIRO, WWF, industrial wind farms, solar panels, carbon taxes, Al Gore, Barack Obama and the redistribution of hundreds of billions of your hard earned money, Climate Change disasters like the 1914-1915 Australian drought that led to complete National crop failure, will never happen again.

Real Science

The drought of 1914-15 became seared in the memory of Australians, primarily due to the disastrous failure of the wheat crop that year.

The first signs of drought became evident in 1913, when rainfall in western Victoria, central areas of Tasmania, and settled areas of South Australia, was well below average in the normally wet April-July period. Timely rain in early spring then saved the wheat crop and gave good pastoral prospects. But there was to be no such respite the following year, a strong El Niño year. 1914 started off very hot, and southern Victoria suffered from widespread bushfires in February and March. Good rains fell over most of eastern Australia in March and April, but thereafter extremely dry conditions set in over most of the southern half of the country.

Except in coastal NSW, drought became widespread and severe from July to October. Across large areas of the…

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