Not Dead Yet: Great Barrier Reef Coral Cover Up 19 Per Cent In Three Years

The Great Barrier Reef is ‘Great’ simply because of the amount of times it has died and rebuilt new layers on top of itself over hundreds of thousands of years of climate and ocean change.

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Bolt New 01By Andrew Bolt ~

After all those scares about the dying Great Barrier Reef, the Australian Institute of Marine Science today admits that coral cover has in fact increased overall by 19 per cent over the past three years:

GreatBarrierReefAn updated analysis of the regional and Great Barrier Reef-wide trends shows that from 2012 to 2015 hard coral cover in the central and southern sections of the reef had increased (see Figure 1). In contrast, the northern section shows a decline in coral cover over these three recent years because of an intense cyclone (a second cyclone occurred after the most recent survey) and renewed activity of crown-of-thorns starfish in the region.

Sure, there was a decline in coral cover in years before that, and there’s now some bleaching caused by the El Nino – the first serious mass bleaching event in 14 years. But we now know that corals…

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One Comment on “Not Dead Yet: Great Barrier Reef Coral Cover Up 19 Per Cent In Three Years”

  1. Bill Snape says:

    Well done, I just had a second go at the news dept. of Stuart Bockings show in recent days due to their group-think reporting of the loony lefts lies as though they are factual. I doubt I’ll get a retraction from them even though I asked for one in regards the recent, “Calamitous coral bleaching lie.” I asked them to report this…19% increase in corals on the Great Barrier Reef 2012-2015. And to retract the previous loony left lie they reported as fact. What do you think my chances are? Can I break through the group-think of the zombie-children in the 2ue news room? Ha haa…fat chance, I know. Bill.


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