The Wind Might be ‘Free’, but Utterly Pointless Wind Power Costs a King’s Ransom

Like the old sailors say, “The wind is free, but everything else costs money” – lots and lots of it.


hepburn wind2 The wind-cult are all for it – just as long it’s speared into someone else’s
backyard & somebody else is forced to pay for their smugness.


In their sillier moments, the wind industry, its parasites and spruikers pitch the line that their pointless product is not only getting cheaper all the time, but go so far as to claim that wind power is already cheaper than gas and coal-fired power. Risible PR antics aside, the wind industry has always had a troubled relationship with the facts.

In 2016 – with disastrous results of attempting to rely on a Medieval technology unfolding daily (like Germany, South Australia and Ontario) – it takes real audacity to run the line about the wind being ‘free’: requiring the reality of hundreds of $billions in seemingly endless subsidies to be ignored, as with the fact that, at an economic level, power…

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2 Comments on “The Wind Might be ‘Free’, but Utterly Pointless Wind Power Costs a King’s Ransom”

  1. Coal is free, oil is free, natural gas is free. LIKE WIND THEY ARE ALL FREE.

    And like wind what costs, is creating the machinery and infrastructure to harvest this free energy.

    And e.g. Coal is 100% organic and produced from renewable solar.

    But unlike wind, the environmental impacts is much smaller for coal, oil etc., because the energy source is much denser, we cannot see it from the surface and almost no birds e.g. fly through coal mines to get chopped to pieces.

    So, coal, oil and gas are far better environmentally that wind … because unlike wind that kills … CO2 is a benefit to plants and rising levels are greening the planet.

    Never before has anyone sold such an appalling anti-environmental technology as “green”.

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