If You Are Against Oil Stop Using These Products

7 Comments on “If You Are Against Oil Stop Using These Products”

  1. spock2009 says:

    Are you suggesting that there were no curtains, tool racks, mops, shampoo, clothes, calking, dyes, pillows, alcohol, shag rugs, fertilizers, dishes, fishing lures, clothes line, soap, tents, drinking cups, and so forth before the utilization of fossil fuels?
    Maybe you should check your list again.


    • Climatism says:

      Not at all. Of course I’m aware cavemen used flint and wooden spears in order to survive.


      • Dale Mullen says:

        The point here is not one of being “picky” but rather one of suggested caution. Although I fully understand your point, alarmists and trolls will use any excuse to ridicule and thoroughly dismiss what you have to say.
        We are often better served if we leave no loose strings in what we have to say and make all points fully supportable.


      • Climatism says:

        I trust readers are willing and interested to verify information presented in order to avoid their own cautionary ridicule.

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  2. Melanie Harmsworth says:

    I’m working on not using products which are bad environment. Thanks for the list😃


  3. 4TimesAYear says:

    Reblogged this on 4timesayear's Blog and commented:
    This is by no means a comprehensive list, but it would be interesting if alarmists would be required to give up everything made with petroleum products.

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