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Aussie Government Pledges $1 billion for Renewables

Aussie Government wastes $1Billion on feel-good, unreliable, fossil-fuel dependant, landscape destroying, bird and bat killing icons of deep-green “save the planet” insanity.

Watts Up With That?


Guest essay by Eric Worrall

Aussie Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull has just pledged to spend $1 billion of Australian taxpayer’s money, on renewable schemes which are struggling to raise their own finance on the open market.

Turnbull’s climate change boost defies Abbott

MALCOLM Turnbull will keep two climate funds that Tony Abbott went to the 2013 election pledging to abolish.

The Prime Minister says clean energy is a vital part of his plan to boost innovation and create jobs beyond the mining boom.

The prime minister will announce today that a $1 billion Clean Energy Innovation Fund will be set up in July, jointly managed by the Clean Energy Finance Corporation and Australian Renewable Energy Agency.

The two bodies will jointly manage the fund from July in order to finance products such as large-scale solar.

Mr Turnbull, a previous supporter of an emissions trading scheme, has been toning down criticism…

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German Doctors Spell Out the Serious Harm Caused by Wind Turbine Infrasound

Clearly these German Doctors have been paid off by the fossil fuel industry.


wind-turbine-and-house-in-Finland Sonic torture trap: evidence of harm mounts every single day.


The wind industry has known about, attempted to cover up and lied about the adverse health effects caused by incessant turbine generated low-frequency noise and infrasound for over 30 years; and knowing full-well that the dB(A) weighting is irrelevant to measuring the low-frequency noise spectrum, wrote their own ‘rules’ that even make the risible claim wind turbines don’t generate infrasound at all.

The noise emissions from these things are, for thousands of unfortunate neighbours, a constant form of sonic torture that, of course, can’t be hidden.

Slowly, but surely, methodical Medicos are gathering the evidence that proves what victims have known all along: constant exposure to low-frequency noise infrasound is a serious human health hazard.

And the efforts to protect people from further, and utterly unnecessary harm, include those from German Doctors, like Johannes Mayer.  Dr Mayer…

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Inconvenient new study: Canadian Arctic had significantly warmer summers a few thousand years ago

Thank God humans today have evolved to be able to invent bodies such as the UN IPCC, Greenpeace, WWF and develop climate changing weapons – wind and solar – such that they will guarantee the temperature of the Canadian Arctic never becomes hotter than it was a few thousand years ago.

Shame on you Barney Rubble and your planet hating cave men buddies.

Watts Up With That?

From the melting sea ice and dead polar bears department comes this new study:

Multiproxy paleoecological evidence of Holocene climatic changes on the Boothia Peninsula, Canadian Arctic

Marie-Claude Fortin, Konrad Gajewski, Ottawa-Carleton Institute of Biology, Laboratory for Paleoclimatology and Climatology, University of Ottawa, Ottawa, ON K1N 6N5, Canada
Received 20 September 2015, Available online 22 March 2016


A study of chironomid remains in the sediments of Lake JR01 on the Boothia Peninsula in the central Canadian Arctic provides a high-resolution record of mean July air temperatures for the last 6.9 ka. Diatom and pollen studies have previously been published from this core. Peak Holocene temperatures occurred prior to 5.0 ka, a time when overall aquatic and terrestrial biological production was high. Chironomid-inferred summer air temperatures reached up to 7.5°C during this period. The region of Lake JR01 cooled over the mid- to late Holocene, with high biological production…

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Europe Pulls The Plug On Its Green Future

The uselessness of ‘unreliable’ wind and solar energy, hastily rolled out to “save the planet”, is being slowly and painfully discovered at enormous cost to western economies and to the environment.

Sceptics have been warning of this for years. However, deep-green “save the planet” sanctimony has largely triumphed in the echelons of the political, media and social elite.

A parallel maxim of note: The only difference between conservatives (sceptics) and the Left (global warming alarmists) is time … and lots and lots and lots of other-peoples-money.


By Paul Homewood



Benny Peiser had a long piece in the Australian a couple of years ago, which revealed the huge mess in the EU’s green energy strategy:

Slowly but gradually, Europe is awakening to a green energy crisis, an economic and political debacle that is entirely self-inflicted.

The mainstream media, which used to encourage the renewables push enthusiastically, is beginning to sober up too. With more and more cracks beginning to appear, many newspapers are returning to their proper role as the fourth estate, exposing the pitfalls of Europe’s green-energy gamble and opening their pages for thorough analysis and debate. Today, European media is full of news and commentary about the problems of an ill-conceived strategy that is becoming increasingly shaky and divisive.

A study by British public relations consultancy CCGroup analysed 138 articles about renewables published during July last year in the five most widely circulated British…

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Arctic Upset Alert March 25

From the department of “we lied to you about Arctic sea ice melting away, to advance our man made catastrophic global warming theory.”

Science Matters

A stunning turnaround by Arctic Sea Ice. In March Madness terms we could say: “We have a ballgame!.” Those saying Arctic ice would be a big loser in 2016 may have to eat crow.


Yesterday NH ice extent grew dramatically to take a slight lead over the ten year average for day 84, and is 99% of 2016 maximum set on day 61. At 14.91 M km2 that is 330k km2 more than 2015 and 350k km2 more than SII is showing.

Yesterday MASIE showed a new high extent for 2016 in strategically located Barents Sea. Also the Central Arctic grew to a virtual tie with its maximum set early January 2016. All seas gained ice or held their maximums, except for a small loss in Okhotsk.

Earlier I compared this month in the Arctic to the March Madness of the NCAA basketball tournament, with intense competition and surprising…

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Tasmania turns to diesel power to prevent blackouts 

Tasmania, the ‘Greeniest’ state in Australia advancing fossil fuels to guarantee power supply?!

But but but what about wind and solar ? Aren’t they ‘the future’? Or are they just symbols of the fashionable deep-green “save the planet” fantasy that are completely incapable of supplying cheap, reliable, 24/7 base-load power?

Tallbloke's Talkshop

Hydro power in Tasmania [image credit: ABC Rural] Hydro power in Tasmania [image credit: ABC Rural]
Tasmania has got itself into a power generation mess and has been forced into expensive emergency measures to ‘keep the lights on’, reports PEI. For more background on the policies that led to this situation, see here.

The government of Tasmania believes a decision to use diesel power generation on a temporary basis can prevent power blackouts, despite present and ongoing difficulties with its power infrastructure.

The island’s Basslink subsea cable, a vital interconnection with Australia, has been under repair since breaking in December, while drought has reduced water for its hydroelectric power facilities to record lows.

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