Dr. Curry Vanishes! 20 Women Reduced to 19! Warmist Aussie Climate Council Deletes Dr. Judith Curry from list of 20 Women in Climate Debate

Curry has no one else to blame but herself for being dumped from the top 20 women climate scientists. She should know better than to question the prevailing wisdom that humans have fried the planet by 0.8 degrees C since 1850. Not to mention the fact she hinted taxpayer funds could be used to study natural climate variation. Heretic. Denier..


By Paul Homewood



Tony Thomas writes about Tim Flannery’s attempts to remove Judith Curry from a list of female climate experts:

When a three-year-old tells whoppers it can be cute. It’s not so cute if the whopper-tellers are scientist Tim Flannery, aged 60, and his Climate Council. Flannery is Chief Councillor of the crowd-funded body, which is dedicated to “accurate and authoritative information on all aspects of climate change”.

His Council website has this item:

19 climate champions, who also happen to be women… To celebrate International Women’s Day, here’s a list of nineteen women kicking goals in the climate change debate — from scientists to politicians, diplomats, community organisers and more.

It begins, “This article originally appeared on the International Council for Science’s Road to Paris website.” Click through to that site (a spin-off from the International Council for Science, ICSU) and you find the original was not…

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