Good news about ocean acidification! Important news about science.

The very fact “ocean acidification” is referred, as opposed to the correct scientific term “less alkaline” is enough to know that the CO2 induced “ocean acidification” threat was a fear-mongering beat up from the very beginning, trotted out by the climate crisis industry.

Not to mention the fact that ocean Corals evolved during the Cambrian era when atmospheric CO2 levels were around 4,000 percent higher than today’s CO2 starved environment – 6,000 ppm then c/w 400 ppm today.

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Summary: Good news is rare in the news (“if it bleeds, it leads”), but here’s a twofer. First, ocean acidification is probably not certain doom, as we’ve been told. Second, new evidence that climate-related sciences are returning to their norms of careful skepticism. Our usual stream of bad news will resume tomorrow.

Coral Outcrop on Flynn Reef By Toby Hudson Coral outcrop on Flynn Reef. Photo by Toby Hudson from Wikimedia Commons.

The February/March issue of the ICES Journal of Marine Science is an important special issue “Towards a Broader Perspective on Ocean Acidification Research“, with some surprising news. The Times laid it out forthrightly…

Scientists‘ are exaggerating carbon threat to marine life’

Claims that coral reefs are doomed because human emissions are making the oceans more acidic have been exaggerated, a review of the science has found.

An “inherent bias” in scientific journals in favour of more calamitous predictions has excluded research showing…

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How The Pause Was Made To Disappear

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By Paul Homewood


Once upon a time there was a pause.

There was no secret or argument about this. Hundreds of scientists spent years trying to explain it.

The Met Office even published the above 24 page paper in 2013, which stated:


And this was exactly the situation the Met Office were looking at when they made that pronouncement.

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