RSS satellite temperature update consolidates with UAH

Nice one Rog. Thanks for clarifying that one and highlighting the continuing divergence between UN IPCC models and GISS (aka UHI) versus Satellite temps (UAH, RSS)

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There’s been a lot of loud rhetoric flying around about the update to the RSS satellite temperature series. What it actually amounts to is a consolidation of the satellite temperature measurement effort.


The two time series are now in good agreement and exhibit a warming rate of 0.13K/decade during the 1980-2015 period.

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One Comment on “RSS satellite temperature update consolidates with UAH”

  1. I much prefer things that are in “disagreement” … because that tells me I’ve got two things telling me the same thing in different ways. But when everything agrees … all it tells me that either they are all just using the same basic mechanism … so I am not doing any better than just looking at one … or worse that they’ve all been made to fit each other which means I cannot trust any.


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