The Fantasy of Storing Wind Power: No Commercial System Exists & None is Likely

Green logic = storing wind energy in chemical based toxic batteries made from rare earth ‘mined’ from Mother Earth (if one big enough could even be made).


unicorn About as likely as commercially storing electricity in bulk.


The wind industry is the perpetual infant of power generation: always looking for the subsidies to last that little bit longer; always promising to improve its performance; always claiming it will outdo hydro, coal and gas – provided, of course, that the subsidies keep flowing.

STT for one thinks the wind industry has had ample time to grow up and stand on its own two feet.

Like the brat that it is, the wind industry can’t be told what to do and, especially, won’t ever respond to demands from power users about when its product should be delivered.

output vs demand

It’s quite happy to produce plenty of power when it’s not needed at night time; and much less during the day, when it is (as seen in the graph above); and, often, none at all during periods of peak demand: as set…

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4 Comments on “The Fantasy of Storing Wind Power: No Commercial System Exists & None is Likely”

  1. It’s over a decade since I sat in a Taxi with the head of one of UK departments dealing with energy and explained my concern about the lack of storage and how it was nonsense to go ahead with all these windmills unless or until something had been worked out.

    And to their credit, they agreed with me – and pointed out that wind power was even more peaky than I was suggesting. However, the politicians had told them to get on with it and such issues were to be considered (if at all ) at a much later date.

    That is what you get, when money grabbing wind lobbyists were literally telling politicians what to write into law.

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    • Climatism says:

      Even more sad than the inevitable “money grubbing” is that ‘unreliables’ – wind and solar energy, are merely icons of a self-loathing, vote grabbing generation, fuelled by “save the planet” sanctimony, using other people’s money in order to ‘feel good’.


      • When I was in the wind business I heard stories of wind companies hiring people to destroy local opposition groups (by joining). We had just such a person join the Scottish Climate and Energy Forum.

        Wind is one of the most grubby businesses out PLUS it is all the more vile because it uses gullible greens to portray itself as one of the most virtuous.

        If the truth really emerges, I have no doubt that even the most cynical sceptics will be surprised. Of course that’s a big if. After more than a decade since I started campaigning against this vile scam, we still have stupid politicians academics and green=gullibles taking the shit they are fed as gospel truth.

        And yes ““save the planet” sanctimony” has been a huge money spinner in the last few decades – sucking up huge amounts of public money that could have very easily gone to useful projects that did people good.

        But what annoys me most is that I am really most annoyed about all the “nice” people who have been used by the money-making machines to line their own pockets, destroy the environment and then … to attack those like us who are trying to explain how they are being used.

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      • Climatism says:

        Spot on. The entire climate crisis industry is out of control and we are living in the age of collective eco-insanity.
        Good work for your continued, unpaid efforts and most of all well done for not running with the mob and not being afraid of being ‘othered’ by the eco-zealots and labelled a planet hating, climate ‘denier’.

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