Wind Power Costs Crushing South Australian Businesses: Firms Hit with 90% Price Hike

Shock news.


koutsantonis No time for napping, Tom – this is serious.


South Australia embarked upon its wind power ‘experiment’ more than 15 years ago, when its Labor government climbed into bed with the boys from Babcock & Brown (aka Infigen) and a disgraced American lawyer and convicted con-man, Tim Flato (who robbed his clients of close to US$400,000, got struck-off, and scuttled off to set up the wind industry in SA and elsewhere). Clearly untroubled by Tim’s ‘colourful’ past his compatriots happily appointed him as a director of several of Babcock and Brown’s subsidiaries and, later, as a director of Infigen.

Tim, and his Babcock and Brown buddies, were all aided in their endeavour by Patrick Gibbons and his best mate, Vesta’s Ken McAlpine (back when they both worked as advisers to a Labor Minister in Victoria, Theo Theophanous) (see our post here). Patrick now runs the wind industry’s lobbying…

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