Wind Power Costs Crushing South Australian Businesses: Firms Hit with 90% Price Hike

Shock news.


koutsantonis No time for napping, Tom – this is serious.


South Australia embarked upon its wind power ‘experiment’ more than 15 years ago, when its Labor government climbed into bed with the boys from Babcock & Brown (aka Infigen) and a disgraced American lawyer and convicted con-man, Tim Flato (who robbed his clients of close to US$400,000, got struck-off, and scuttled off to set up the wind industry in SA and elsewhere). Clearly untroubled by Tim’s ‘colourful’ past his compatriots happily appointed him as a director of several of Babcock and Brown’s subsidiaries and, later, as a director of Infigen.

Tim, and his Babcock and Brown buddies, were all aided in their endeavour by Patrick Gibbons and his best mate, Vesta’s Ken McAlpine (back when they both worked as advisers to a Labor Minister in Victoria, Theo Theophanous) (see our post here). Patrick now runs the wind industry’s lobbying…

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Roy Spencer Responds To RSS Pause Busting Adjustments


By Paul Homewood


Dr Roy Spencer has published an early response to RSS’ new pause buster paper:

Now that John Christy and I have had a little more time to digest the new paper by Carl Mears and Frank Wentz (“Sensitivity of satellite derived tropospheric temperature trends to the diurnal cycle adjustment”, paywalled here), our conclusion has remained mostly the same as originally stated in Anthony Watts’ post.

While the title of their article implies that their new diurnal drift adjustment to the satellite data has caused the large increase in the global warming trend, it is actually their inclusion of what the evidence will suggest is a spurious warming (calibration drift) in the NOAA-14 MSU instrument that leads to most (maybe 2/3) of the change. I will provide more details of why we believe that satellite is to blame, below.

Also, we provide new radiosonde validation…

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My Climate Forecast From March 2015

If you don’t like the data, adjust it!

And that’s exactly what RSS’ Carl Mears has done – bringing out a new version, that measures Mid Troposphere temperatures, TMT, and not the TLT (lower troposphere) which inconveniently shows no warming for 19 years.

Their explanation paper for new TMT dataset says it like this:

The new dataset shows substantially increased global-scale warming relative to the previous version of the dataset, particularly after 1998.

Global warming is the biggest pseudoscientific fraud in history.

Einstein knew about it years ago : “If the facts don’t fit the theory, change the facts” in this case, the dataset.

Real Science

I don’t make climate forecasts. I do make forecasts of future climate fraud. Here is one from this month last year, where I predicted the tampering which has just occurred at RSS. Posted on


One of the biggest scams alarmists are trying to pull is the claim that the surface data sets are independent, and they all show the same thing. Carl Mears used that as an excuse to ignore his own satellite data – which shows no warming for 19 years.

ScreenHunter_8119 Mar. 26 06.12

There is nothing independent about the data sets. GISS uses the same adjusted GHCN data as NCDC. But it is worse than it seems.

HadCrut didn’t used to agree with GISS, and they were upset about it – so they changed HadCrut to make it match GHCN.

ScreenHunter_8148 Mar. 27 08.38RealClimate: Mind the Gap!

The data sets have been carefully and repeatedly tampered with to bring them to their…

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