Another alarmist pillar collapses – Greenland melting due to old soot feedback loops and albedo change – not AGW

Watts Up With That?

From the EARTH INSTITUTE AT COLUMBIA UNIVERSITY and the “we told you so time and again at WUWT” department comes this study which not only explains the “insta-melt” in the Summer of 2012, but the ongoing melting that has been incorrectly blamed on CO2, when instead it’s all about older soot embedded in snow coming around again to enhance melting combined with weather pattern changes..

greenland-meltwater-albedo An aerial image of Greenland shows rivers of meltwater and areas of dark ice. Greenland’s surface is absorbing more solar radiation as melting increases grain size and brings old impurities to the surface. CREDIT Marco Tedesco/Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory

Greenland’s ice is getting darker, increasing risk of melting

Feedback loops from melting itself are driving changes in reflectivity

Greenland’s snowy surface has been getting darker over the past two decades, absorbing more heat from the sun and increasing snow melt, a new study of…

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