Impossible To Ignore – In 2015 Alone Massive 250 Peer Reviewed Scientific Papers Cast Doubt On Climate Science

“Settled science / 97% consensus” update …


By Paul Homewood


Reposted from NoTricksZone:

Reader Kenneth Richard has compiled and submitted a comprehensive list of some 250 peer-reviewed scientific papers from 2015 on climate, all supporting the premise that the Earth’s climate is driven in large part by natural factors. It now has been posted.

Science institutes can no longer ignore massive body of scientific evidence that contradicts the man-made global warming theory. Image: logo of the National Academy of Sciences

How could the IPCC, scientific academies, institutions, lawmakers possibly ignore them? They are out there for all to see – and now in a single list.

What follows is just a tiny random sampling of the findings this massive body of evidence delivers:

A small sampling of findings

“Mounting evidence from proxy records suggests that variations in solar activity have played a significant role in triggering past climate changes.”

“Solar minimum conditions reinforce the…

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One Comment on “Impossible To Ignore – In 2015 Alone Massive 250 Peer Reviewed Scientific Papers Cast Doubt On Climate Science”

  1. parliamentofideas says:

    Good Morning;
    The new website, is up and running. It is 10 days old.
    In addition to supporting the eBook, Broken Wing: Birds, Blades and Broken Promises, its primary function is to bring attention to avian mortality from the wind industry.
    These are last week’s stats:

    The past seven days: people have viewed over 1,200 pages on your website.

    The most viewed post by far during that time is 11 Ways to Kill Big Wind Projects with 611 views.

    I am seeking other ‘list’ ideas to put up on the site. 10 ways to fight wind energy. 4 things you can do to help birds. 3 ways to stop avian mortality. That sort of thing.
    If you or your compatriots would like to share any ideas on this subject, I welcome you.

    Here is my ‘new list’:

    1. Join ABC to learn more about our avian fellows.
    2. Visit websites such as … to learn more about turbines
    3. Contact your local state representative and ask what his or her views are on wind energy
    4. Visit alternative wind turbine sites such as

    Your thoughts are appreciated.
    Thank you,

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