Fossilized Thinking: Back to communal horse and water powered farms to save the climate

The cheap and reliable nature of fossil fuels made it possible to end slavery. Because we use machines instead of people. You either have cheap labour or cheap energy.
Without concentrated fossil fuel energy, every tree on the planet would have been cut down to provide heat and cooking material.
The beliefs of the Andreas Malms of the world would devastate humanity and the very environment they claim to want to save.

Watts Up With That?

Guest essay by Robert Bryce
In a simplistic and tedious new book, Andreas Malm argues that full Communism is the only cure for global warming.

Andreas Malm longs for the good old days. In his new book, Fossil Capital: The Rise of Steam Power and the Roots of Global Warming, Malm, who teaches human ecology at Lund University in Sweden, pines for a time when manufacturing depended on waterwheels instead of steam engines. Indeed, Malm spends more than 300 pages—about 75 percent of the text—discussing why English manufacturers abandoned waterwheels and replaced them with coal-fired steam engines. It’s worthwhile history. But in the hands of an avowed Marxist like Malm, it’s tedious sledding. In Malm’s view, the rise of the steam engine was little more than a ploy by evil capitalists to subjugate workers, and because of that, we are now all going to die from global warming.


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One Comment on “Fossilized Thinking: Back to communal horse and water powered farms to save the climate”

  1. roaldjlarsen says:

    How much of “the greening” of the planet has been due to less use of wood as people switched to using FF? How much of the increased vegetation has trapped more moist and amplified the increased vegetation / plant growth?


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