Being CNN

Hot, dry, drought, flood: CO2 induced global warming. All your fault.

Cold, snow, ice, freeze: CO2 induced climate change. All your fault.

Confess your carbon sins, pay your tithes or your grandchildren will experience hot, cold, wet or dry weather.

Real Science

CNN believes that global warming has overheated the atmosphere, ruined Northeast winters, and is melting the Arctic.  They also believe that Arctic air is extremely cold and causes record cold and snow in the Northeast.

CNN also believes that fossil fuels are burning you up, and that you will freeze to death if you don’t use fossil fuels.

(CNN)An Arctic surge will bring bitter cold air to the Northeast this weekend, with record low temperatures expected.  More than a dozen states are under wind chill advisories or warnings, according to CNN meteorologist Dave Hennen. The wind chill in parts of New England is expected to be 40 F to 50 F below zero, he said.  Weather maps show a cold air mass across the Great Lakes triggering heavy lake-effect snow that is pushing inland, especially near Buffalo, New York.

Near zero temperatures are expected in New York’s Central Park, while it will dip…

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