Climate deniers? Science deniers?

Good read.

Roger Helmer MEP


I am astonished (well, maybe by now not very astonished) at the hubristic way in which Warmists like to refer to sceptics as “climate deniers”.  (We deny that a climate exists? No.  We deny that it changes?  No.  We deny that the earth seems to have got slightly warmer in the last 100 years? No. We do not).

And now I notice the phrase “science deniers” creeping into the debate (or should I say, into the abuse?).  Same questions apply.  Do we deny the principles of science? No.  Do we deny the second law of thermodynamics?  No.  Do we deny that CO2 is a greenhouse gas?  No.

But it seems that the Warmists are quite happy to deny that atmospheric physics is an inexact science, that the earth’s climate system is non-linear, complex and chaotic (chaotic, that is, in the mathematical sense).  They seem happy to deny that recent…

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