Wind Power Disaster: South Australians Grapple with Rocketing Power Prices, an Unstable Grid & Rolling Blackouts

Appears wind power advocates didn’t get the memo that when the wind stops, so does the electricity.


koutsantonis SA’s Energy Minister, Tom Koutsantonis: asleep at the wheel.


In Australia’s wind farm capital, South Australia the terms ‘chaos’ and ‘crisis’ are used to describe the aftermath of an energy policy ‘designed’ on desktops by dimwits, who haven’t got the faintest clue about how power generation works (or much else, for that matter).

Wind power collapses and blackouts are now part of South Australian life: Wind Industry’s Armageddon: Wind Farm Output Collapse Leaves 110,000 South Australian Homes & Businesses Powerless

The Genesis of the wind power debacle was pretty well captured by Leo Smith in our recent post – Why Weather Dependent, Intermittent & Unreliable Wind Power is as ‘Useful as a Chocolate Teapot’ – and summed up as follows:

There is, above all, one salient feature that emerges across the board. Sanity and rationalism have been cast aside, and the whole arena is now a political and ideological

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5 Comments on “Wind Power Disaster: South Australians Grapple with Rocketing Power Prices, an Unstable Grid & Rolling Blackouts”

  1. parliamentofideas says:

    Extraordinary delusions of crowds. While many confront the issues of climate change from a logical, rational perspective (thank you for this), the deeper play is irrational. Play upon fear and you win the crowd. Marshall Islands sea level falling: confront the reader with guilt. Wind turbines killing millions of birds? Confront the reader with rising seas destroying continents.
    We have to fight this fear based trajectory with rampant emotion. We must begin with the facts, certainly. We must end with the emotions of hope and joy and belief. Yes, belief. We must demonstrate that we have a belief in whatever moves our heart.
    The war against ignorance and corruption is lost if we simply battle fear with facts. This is a losing proposition.
    Thanks for the great posts. Keep it up!

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  2. fletch92131 says:

    It’s these kinds of problems which led Germany to go back to coal.

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