Wind Industry Loses Support of Lunatic Fringe: Green-Left Blog ‘New Matilda’ Turns Against the Wind Power Fraud



turbine-collapse-germany1 Even New Matilda thinks it’s a ‘flop’…


When the following piece crossed STT’s inbox, the editor thought it to be some kind of April fool’s joke, delivered a few months early.

But, no. Knock us down with a feather, the article that follows did, in fact, appear on ‘New Matilda’ – a politically correct, hard-‘green’-left bastion for all things cuddly and fuzzy (mostly its logic) – and, until now, a safe-haven for the dwindling wind-worship-cult.

But, not any more. The article was penned by Geoff Russell – who would blend in perfectly with the mung bean and tofu crowd, as his PC, CV attests:

Geoff Russell qualified in mathematics and has written software all of his working life. But in the past decade has devoted increasing time to writing non-fiction with a simple goal … make the world a better place. A three decade vegan and member of the…

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4 Comments on “Wind Industry Loses Support of Lunatic Fringe: Green-Left Blog ‘New Matilda’ Turns Against the Wind Power Fraud”

  1. When the deceit filled wind sector is finally investigated I believe that it will be found that the total cost of producing all that steel making all that concrete transporting them, the cost of all that backup generation, the cost of building new power lines, etc. etc., … will be found to have produced more CO2 than it saved.

    All energy is free at the source, so the best way to estimate the total emissions is to take the cost of that fuel.Higher cost fuels emit more CO2!

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    • Climatism says:

      Exactly. Not to mention the destruction of pristine landscapes and birds/bat habitat for little or no power. – Intermittent, unreliable , inefficient and highly expensive energy that is backed up 24/7 by reliable, cheap, efficient fossil fuel power!?!

      Insanity and utter madness.


  2. Brett Brewer says:

    I went to the New Matilda page to view the comments. They seem reluctant to have much of a discussion on the topic. Just a lot of name calling and heads in the sand.

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