Why are the number of sites used to calculate HadCRUT4 decreasing?

“If the facts don’t fit the theory, change the [station data, or omit it.]”


By Paul Homewood



Xmetman Bruce has carried out some detailed analysis of the HADCRUT4 dataset. He has discovered that there has been an alarming drop off in the number of stations used since the 1960’s, but particularly so in the last few years. This is the case both globally and in the UK.

Looking at the UK alone, he finds that the three, high quality stations used in the CET series, Pershore, Stonyhurst and Rothamstead are NOT included, yet Heathrow is.

Well worth a read here.

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Germans Losing €Millions on Community Wind Farm ‘Investments’

The world too is losing €trillions on intermittent unreliables, of which, require 24/7 fossil fuel backup…..!?

The folly of green madness gone incredibly wrong.



Anyone that’s looking to make a small fortune, need only hand a very large one to a community wind farm operator:

More Wind Power Outfits Go Bust: “Farmer-Investors” Lose their Shirts in the US

Community Wind Farm Investors Losing their Shirts

Part of their pitch (some might call it laying bait for the more gullible fish in the pond) is to throw a few grand at the local footy team (new jumpers all round) or theatre group (new curtains and lights); or wombat preservation (see our post here).

STT has pointed out just a few times that the wind industry is little more than the most recent and elaborate Ponzi scheme in a list that dates back to “corporate investment classics”, like the South-Sea Bubble and Dutch tulip mania.

In the wind industry, the scam is all about pitching bogus projected returns (based on overblown wind “forecasts”) (see…

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No Pause In NASA Climate Science Corruption

Real Science

Gavin thinks he can massively tamper with data, and no one will notice.


He has doubled global warming by simply altering his own data over the past 15 years.


2016: Fig.A.gif          2001: Fig.A.ps

He also ignores satellite data which shows that his temperature data is complete garbage, and that temperatures have not risen this century.


Wood for Trees: Interactive Graphs

The fact that the US space agency is ignoring satellite data, is a pretty strong indication that the agency has collapsed into a hopelessly corrupt and decadent state.

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2015 Was One Of The Least Hot Years On Record In The US

Real Science

NOAA claims that 2015 was the second hottest year on record in the US.

Screenshot 2016-01-20 at 07.05.14 PM

NOAA: U.S. posts second-hottest year on record – POLITICO

In fact, it was one of the least hot years on record in the US, ranking in the bottom ten of areal coverage of hot weather. During the 1930’s ninety percent of the US reached 95 degrees. Last year only 65% of the US made it to 95 degrees.

Screenshot 2016-01-20 at 07.01.11 PM

Last year also ranked near the bottom for frequency of hot days, which have also plummeted since the 1930’s.

Screenshot 2016-01-20 at 06.54.30 PM

This data is not in dispute and is not subject to any NOAA adjustments. Claims that 2015 was a hot year in the US are simply fraudulent.

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