Professor Bob Carter 1942-2016

Indeed a great loss to science and humanity.
Nice words Rog.

R.I.P. Bob Carter

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It is with great sadness that we have to announce the passing of Professor Bob Carter following a sudden heart attack at his home in Townsville Australia.

”One thing is for sure, Bob made the most of every minute he had and was a fighter to the very end”, said Bob’s wife Anne.

We surely understand this in view all the excellent things Bob has said and written through the years – and his great friendship.

The loss of Bob, is a very great loss for Science. Things will not be as they were before.

For his friends all over the world it is a tragedy.

But we have his excellent contributions to science to use as a well of knowledge and understanding – and our memories of a Great Friend.

The Talkshop sends its deepest sympathies to Anne and all Bob’s relatives and personal friends.


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Dr. Robert Carter, scientist, climate skeptic, pioneer, friend – R.I.P


What a great man who stood up for science and the scientific method. Dr Carter maintained and practiced the true understanding of how science is supposed to work (disproving the hypothesis) which fostered his belief that CAGW is the greatest scientific scam ever perpetrated on humanity.
Your work will live on in many. And you have touched many more.
Condolences to family and friends and to the scientific community as a whole.
A great loss.
R.I.P. Bob Carter

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I was shocked and saddened to read this, I’m passing it on without comment because I can’t write about this at this moment. See update below.

Dr. Robert M. Carter (1941-2016) Dr. Robert M. Carter (1941-2016)

Joe Bast writes:

It is with deep regret that I report the passing of a friend, colleague, and great scholar, Dr. Robert M. Carter. Bob died peacefully in a hospital surrounded by family and friends following a heart attack a few days ago. He was 74 years old.

Funeral arrangements are being made and it will most likely take place on Monday next week in Townsville, Australia.

This is almost unspeakably sad. Bob was the very embodiment of the “happy warrior” in the global warming debate. He was a scholar’s scholar, with impeccable credentials (including a Ph.D. from Cambridge), careful attention to detail, and a deep understanding of and commitment to the scientific method. He endured the slings…

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Seth Borenstein: “Man-made heat put in oceans has doubled since 1997”

When the earths atmosphere refuses to warm, at all, over the past 18+ years, despite record ‘man-made’ CO2 emissions over the same period, why wouldn’t you default to the old Trenberth “the missing heat is hiding in the oceans” theory?

Still no mention of the sun’s energy causing warning anywhere to be seen.

What a joke.

Watts Up With That?

Guest post by David Middleton


WASHINGTON (AP) — The amount of man-made heat energy absorbed by the seas has doubled since 1997, a study released Monday showed.

Scientists have long known that more than 90 percent of the heat energy from man-made global warming goes into the world’s oceans instead of the ground. And they’ve seen ocean heat content rise in recent years. But the new study, using ocean-observing data that goes back to the British research ship Challenger in the 1870s and including high-tech modern underwater monitors and computer models, tracked how much man-made heat has been buried in the oceans in the past 150 years.

The world’s oceans absorbed approximately 150 zettajoules of energy from 1865 to 1997, and then absorbed about another 150 in the next 18 years, according to a study published Monday in the journal Nature Climate Change.
To put that in perspective, if you…

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