US Study Shows Wind Power Push to Kill 1.2 Million Real Jobs

1.2 million real jobs lost? All in a good days work for ‘Green Inc.’ et al who detest capitalism and all its trappings…. jobs and prosperity.



Most, gifted with the slightest grip on the basics of economics, pick up on the fact that producers of widgets (and the like) are driven by the prospect of profits (a motive lost on Labor/Green apparatchiks), which, in turn depend upon input costs.

For widget makers, butchers, bakers and the like, drive up input costs and, all things equal, their profits will fall; and their ability to invest in their business and employ people will drop off, too.

Where the item is high on the list of inputs, a jump in its cost may see that business, or even whole industries, collapse; as they end up insolvent.

As just the most glaring example, where the input is electricity, industries that use stacks of it – like manufacturers, miners and mineral processors – have been literally crushed, as power prices have skyrocketed; thanks to wind power subsidies and the additional and…

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Hurricane Alex, 1938, And All That

Comparing “Alex” to a [more destructive, powerful and devastating] January hurricane in 1938 is true denialist cherry picking and has nothing to do with “settled science” and “the consensus” ….. said the climate chahge alarmist.


By Paul Homewood

Apparently Hurricane Alex is being blamed for the half an inch of snow we had here last night! I kid you not.

There was actually an interesting comment from the Telegraph’s Peter Stanford today (sorry Peter, I did not mean it, honest!). He says that the sea surface temperatures where Alex formed were not unusually warm, but the big difference was that the air higher up was unusually cold, thus drawing up the warm moist air and fuelling the hurricane.

He gives no evidence for this, but it makes sense given the fact that the jet stream has been much further south than “usual” recently.

As the Met Office told us, Alex is reckoned to be the first January hurricane since 1955. Prior to that there was one in 1938, which just happens to the same year that the Great New England Hurricane, or Long Island Express…

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