January 1896 – Hottest Month In Australia’s History

It’s no mistake Australia’s Bureau of Meteorology (BoM) starts Australia’s official temperature record from 1910.

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2 Comments on “January 1896 – Hottest Month In Australia’s History”

    • Jamie Spry says:

      OF course the pre-1910 temps are poor! Especially via the ‘objective’ “Conversation”…and even BoM for that matter…ahem, cough, splutter.

      REMEMBER the bats that dropped dead from heat-stroke the other week in that one 47C day in Sydney (2018)?

      Well, the same thing happened in Sydney in 1790 as documented by Tench (one of those “invaders”) – Watkins Tench was a British marine officer whom accompanied 88 male and 20 female convicts on the First Fleet ship the Charlotte which arrived in Botany Bay 20th January 1788:

      “An immense flight of bats, driven before the wind, covered all the trees around the settlement, whence they every moment dropped dead, or in a dying state, unable longer to endure the burning state of the atmosphere. Nor did the perroquettes, [parrots] though tropical birds, bear it better; the ground was strewed with them in the same condition as the bats.”

      POINT of this historical comparison…it was damn hot in Aus well before “evil white males” started driving SUV’s.

      See here for evidence/data:


      And here for Tench:


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