11 Fatal Flaws with Wind Power



The wind industry is copping a flogging all over the World. Increasingly, as the industry’s lies and propaganda are replaced by facts, more and more are coming to the obvious conclusion: THESE THINGS DON’T WORK – on any level.

Getting there was only a matter of time.

What has surprised STT is not that journos, pundits and even Global Warming hysterics have sussed the wind power fraud for what it is; it’s that those that previously championed wind power have, instead, joined a chorus calling for serious investment in nuclear power.

Here’s a little ‘paint-by-numbers’ breakdown that reaches that very same conclusion, for much the same reasons.

Top 11 Problems Plaguing Solar And Wind Power
Daily Caller
Andrew Follett
25 December 2015

Despite President Barack Obama’s pocket veto Saturday of attempts to repeal the Clean Power Plan and recent increases in taxpayer support, solar and wind energy are in a…

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Disintegrating Wind Turbines & Mass ‘Planned’ Blackouts in Germany: What’s Not to Like About Wind Power?


claudia schiffer The dream ….


The wind industry, its parasites and spruikers, around the globe, hail Germany as THE wind power ‘Super Model’. Trouble is, in Germany – as elsewhere – the ‘gloss’ has well-and-truly worn off – and the ‘Model’ is looking more than just a little worse for wear.

The Germans went into wind power harder and faster than anyone else – and the cost of doing so is catching up with a vengeance. The subsidies have been colossal, the impacts on the electricity market chaotic and – contrary to the environmental purpose of the policy – CO2 emissions are rising fast: if “saving” the planet is – as we are repeatedly told – all about reducing man-made emissions of an odourless, colourless, naturally occurring trace gas, essential for all life on earth – then German energy/environmental policy has manifestly failed (see our post here).

Some 800,000 German…

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Evidence of the Medieval Warm Period in Australia, New Zealand and Oceania

Watts Up With That?

By Sebastian Lüning
Geoscientist and co-author of ‘The neglected Sun’

The climate of the pre-industrial past is of greatest importance to the ongoing climate discussion. Current climate can only be understood when interpreting it in the paleoclimatological context of the past few thousand years. Until not too long ago it was thought that the pre-industrial climate was monotonous and constant. This idea was e.g. promoted by Mann et al. whose famous hockey stick curve featured prominently in the IPCC report of 2001. Over the last 15 years, however, a large number of studies changed this view by providing robust evidence for the existence of significant natural climate variability. Of particular interest are the past 1000 years which commenced with the generally warm ‘Medieval Climate Anomaly’ (MCA, aka ‘Medieval Warm Period’, MWP), that eventually passed into the ‘Little Ice Age’ (LIA), before returning to the warm climate of the current…

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How South Australia’s Wind Farm Gamble Led to a Power Crisis


koutsantonis Tom Koutsantonis: is he just pretending to listen to a State in crisis?


South Australians dwell in Australia’s economically dismal ‘wind power capital’. Their attempt to rely on these things as a ‘meaningful’ power source sees them not only paying the highest power prices in the Nation by a mile (if not the world, on a purchasing power parity basis) – but sees them glaring at each other through Stone Age ‘gloom’ when its wind power output totally collapses, on a totally unpredictable basis:

Rocketing Prices AND Blackouts: South Australians Lament Their Dark & Dismal Wind ‘Powered’ Future

Wind Industry’s Armageddon: Wind Farm Output Collapse Leaves 110,000 South Australian Homes & Businesses Powerless

May 2015 SA

The consequences are a thoroughly unreliable grid, prone to mass wind power blackouts, and family punishing and business crippling power prices – which will rocket further as its cheapest base-load plant at Port Augusta is closed…

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It’s official! You can stop worrying about “climate change” effects on the polar bears, seals, and walrus – they’ve seen it all before, including ice-free summers

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Paleoclimate + genetic study confirms: Arctic species adapted to sea ice changes

Guest essay by Dr. Susan Crockford

A new paper that combines paleoclimatology data for the last 56 million years with molecular genetic evidence concludes there wereno biological extinctions over the last 1.5M years despite profound Arctic sea ice changes that included ice-free summers: polar bears, seals, walrus and other species successfully adapted to habitat changes that exceeded those predicted by USGS and US Fish and Wildlife polar bear biologists over the next 100 years.


Cronin, T. M. and Cronin, M.A. 2015. Biological response to climate change in the Arctic Ocean: the view from the past. Arktos 1:1-18 [Open access] http://link.springer.com/article/10.1007/s41063-015-0019-3

Thomas Cronin is a USGS paleoclimatologist at the Eastern Geology and Paleoclimate Science Center, and Matthew Cronin is a molecular geneticist at the University of Alaska Fairbanks (see previous postshere and here about Matt’s work on…

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